Bishop Briggs Storms The Stage With Boundless Vivacity

Tenzing Lama

November 4, 2019
The Commodore Ballroom

Bishop Briggs is a powerhouse. The Commodore Ballroom brimmed with feminine-fuelled energy from the opening acts to the moment Briggs jumped — literally — onstage. 

A giant digital clock counted down her entrance to a packed house. While her spooky Cheshire Cat T-shirt grinned dementedly at the crowd, Briggs genuinely beamed with infectious energy as she belted “Champion” to kick off the namesake tour show. A massive screen backed the singer with flashing graphics, sometimes showcasing Briggs from her music videos lip-syncing to the real deal onstage — a visual duplicity of the same woman. 

Briggs’ insane enthusiasm never subsided. The 27-year-old jumped and danced from one side of the stage to the other, encouraging the crowd to join in the chorus of fan favourites. She took tiny breaks between songs, once only to ask if she should just get on with the show. 

She took the room to her dark side in a performance of her new single “Jekyll and Hide,” which she introduced by laughing about a review that called it “a creepy anthem for all the fuccbois out there.” 

After indulging in an “emo dream” by covering Twenty One Pilots and My Chemical Romance, Briggs softened into a wrenching rendition of “Someone Else,” fanning her face after as the song was coming out her eyes. 

Briggs exploded into her famous single “River” for the foot-stomping encore, leaving the crowd vibrating with the full-ride of emotions and powerful energy that they came for.