“Why I Design” Looks at How Design Impacts Our Environment

How does design impact our city? That’s one of the main topics of discussion at Why I Design, an annual one-night-only event held at the Museum of Vancouver on Saturday, Nov. 2.

Now in its fifth year, the evening acts as an open platform for forward-thinking designers to engage in conversation with the public about their inspirations and intentions for creating products that shape our environment, as well as the challenges they face.

The designers range widely in discipline and definition — from architects to sustainable furniture makers to economic strategists.  This year’s event highlights, in particular, the potential of the circular economy: a regenerative design concept that aims to eliminate waste.

Participants include Tantalus Labs, a company founded on a commitment to advancing the frontier of cannabis; The Binners Project, fostering social and economic inclusion, building community resilience and stronger networks around sustainability issues; and Ronnie Dean Harris, a media artist, hip-hop performer and poet based in Stō:lo Territory.