Hollerado Call It Quits One Last Time On Farewell Tour

Jesse Gillett

October 26, 2019
Commonwealth Bar and Stage

It was a bittersweet affair watching Hollerado leave the Commonwealth stage for the last time as the lights went down on an unforgettable and electrifying set. The Ottawa-based group stopped in Calgary as part of the One Last Time Tour, making their rounds before putting the musical project to rest. 

Hollerado ensured it was a glorious sendoff, leaving it all on the stage as they delivered a ruthlessly captivating performance to a crowd bent on having a good time. The end of a band can be a sad thing, but Hollerado went out like a supernova exploding into a shower of singalongs, joyful memories, and plenty of spilled beer. 

The show was a celebration of the times shared between artist and fans, best shown by the band inviting audience members to the stage to help play a crowd-favourite tune that was lost to Hollerado’s massive catalogue of music. The show reached its apex as the opening act, Little Junior, stepped out during the final number to take over mid-song, demonstrating that despite the band’s end, Hollerado will be a musical fixture in many peoples’ lives for years to come.

Little Junior opened the night with a bang, with massive riffs and anthemic lyrics. The Toronto four-piece puts lightning-charged power into the term power-pop.