Aruba Celebrate Debut EP Release With Garage Rock Abandon

The Palomino
October 25, 2019

Equipped with Halloween costumes and songs from their brand new self-titled EP, Aruba gave the crowd at the Palomino a show to remember with soaring, multi-part melodies combined with the raw power of garage rock.

The crowd was already invigorated by two spectacular opening sets from The Robot Workers and The Varmoors, but when Aruba took the stage, nothing but chaos and enjoyment ensued. The eager crowd went from calmly grooving to the music to an all-out riot with a tornado of bodies slamming into each other while the band blasted their catchy surf-tinged garage bangers.

Watching Aruba give it their all for their debut EP release surrounded by a relentless sweat-fest was incredible. They never let off the throttle with impeccable guitar riffs, insane drum work and killer vocals. Under their stewardship, a rowdy Friday night was transformed into an unhinged party, rife with soon-to-be hits and a crowd that had rock coursing through their veins.