Marie Davidson Lightens the Mood

Photo: John Londono

Humour and emotion are two things not typically associated with electronic music to most minds. This makes Marie Davidson’s most recent album Working Class Woman that much more refreshing, as it combines with club-friendly, danceable tunes. 

“It was important for me that there would be a lot of different emotions and subjects that I wanted to touch,” explains Davidson. “Of course humour is very present because I went through dark times in my 20s and humour was something that helped me a lot to address things, it makes it easier. There’s not only humour on the record — there are some dark moments on the record.” 

Working Class Woman is a biographical trip for Davidson that reflects on the duality of what brought her to her current level of success: work. 

“I’m a workaholic. Sometimes it can become a problem. That’s why I talk about it. I kind of knew I was for a few years but in 2017-2018 I started to have health problems related to working too much, traveling too much, playing too much, partying too much, everything.” 

In keeping with this, Davidson is planning on taking some time off shortly, so catch her while you can.