Lazy Ghost Deliver A Supernatural Aprés Experience With Green Out

The Whistler-based party band Lazy Ghost’s infectious E,P Green Out, is a colourful mosaic of psychedelic surf rock. They perform incessantly in Whistler, often to sweaty and sold out audiences compiled of young transient types who adore them.

Lazy Ghost is comprised of Kyle Leeming (lead singer, guitar), Jay Booth (guitar), and Evan Camm (drums). Sitting down with Leeming and Camm, they look exactly how they sound, both draped with a waterfall of long dark hair while clad in thrift store finds from various pockets of the globe. They could easily belong to The Doors circa 1968, yet here they are in our contemporary world melting the faces off of drunk Australians in an expensive tourist town. 

“It’s as if every last show was the wildest and it couldn’t get any more out of hand… until we play the next,” says Leeming. 

Lazy Ghost are remarkably skilled players and their music is full of complex, beautifully sludgy lullabies. Camm and Leeming emanate an infectious presence. Leeming is originally from Australia and Camm is from Ottawa. After Leeming moved to Whistler for an adventure he started exploring music and made some home recordings online. Camm found them and loved them, and when they got together their compatibility was crystal clear. They started Lazy Ghost in 2016 and recorded their first album, Waves Waves Waves, which put them on the international psych-rock map. This map evidently sounds a lot like Australia and they gained quite the following Down Under after a well-received tour across the country’s entire east coast. 

The guys continued to work on new material and released a few singles but couldn’t seem to compile an album that felt right. “We have an entire record that nobody has heard because it got super stale,” Camm says. “We kept trying to make it something it wasn’t and we were trying too hard to sound like something,” Leeming adds. 

Once they allowed themselves to scrap it they recorded their latest offering, Green Out, which just seemed to spill out of them in a very Brian Jonestown Massacre kind of way. 

They recorded the EP at Monarch Studio and finished recording it within days. Green Out is sonic gold and a true celebration of finding your sound — and that sound is an explosion of surf-infused pysch-rock glory.