Dance Party Pioneers Hot Chip Consider Every Squeaky Clean Possibility on Bath Full of Ecstasy  

Ronald Dick

21st century indie-dance pioneers Hot Chip have never shied away from trying new things. They have held on to a core sound boasting electrifying vulnerability — no surprise, considering they’re a force of friendship.

It began with Alexis Taylor and Joe Goddard’s close bond, and quickly developed into a five-piece group that has thrived through the release of seven records in the span of fifteen years. Emotionally authentic and always danceable, their work remains fresh without sacrificing authenticity. Hot Chip epitomizes the power of bringing people to their feet and inspiring them to move with intimate and oftentimes, deep, personal narratives.  

The bond of friendship has made collaboration smooth for Hot Chip. Up until now, they’ve only ever produced albums themselves. It has served them well — their work has only changed to become a better version of itself 

Walking the line between consistency and repetition with grace, the band approached their newest project with some help to avoid falling off. Bath Full of Ecstasy stays true to Hot Chip’s eclectic pop sound while attaining perfection in ways they haven’t before. 

Bringing in Scottish producer Rodaidh McDonald and Philippe Zdar of Cassius expanded their process. Rather than instantly honouring each other’s ideas, they were encouraged to consider every possibility. While McDonald brought an analytical voice into the picture, Zdar brought a passion for their work and a keenness to put his own spin on their sound. The result is decisive, balanced, and fun as ever.  

“This took us a year and a half to make,” says drummer and programmer Felix Martin. “We took our time and didn’t rush anything. I think it’s the best thing we’ve released.”