That’s Dope

Cannabis Accessories Designed for Women with High Standards 

By Jaime Eisen

Abi Roach knows that, as a woman, toking on the go requires style, sleekness and smarts.

“Women cannabis consumers have slightly different lifestyle needs than their male counterparts,” says Roach, founder of Hotbox Holdings and iconic Toronto stoner hangout The Hotbox Cafe.

“Whether we need to keep our outfit smelling fresh, childproof airtight jars to keep our stash fresh and safe, or a sleek light rolling surface to keep your outfit weed-free.”

To help meet these needs, Roach has partnered with cannabis lifestyle brand Canndora to curate a package of on-the-go cannabis accessories specifically designed for women.

Each Canndora Hotbox Edition is available for $125 at and includes a smell-proof clutch with carbon-lined pockets with tons of space for your phone, vape, and favourite strain; a cute bamboo rolling tray custom designed to fit into the smell-proof clutch; an airtight nug jar to keep cannabis fresh, smell-proof, and child-proof; the subtle and space-saving Official Hotbox three-piece grinder with kief screen and scraper; beautiful ready-to-fill Canndora Darlings printed on tree-free all-natural hemp paper, from a mix of edible soy, hemp seed oil and natural pigments; and a $15 gift card.

Legalization has helped evolve pot paraphernalia from the tie-dyed glass bongs of yore. Women like Roach are leading the design charge to normalize cannabis use and reduce stigma. She hopes to create products that people are proud to use.

“We have a long way to go,” she says. “But it is nice to see cannabis become a normal part of people’s lives in the open.”

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